Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Prefold 2 Fitted

I just learned how to turn prefold diapers into fitted diapers (more Daddy friendly) and I'm excited to try my first one. I don't have any snap tape (yet) and don't want to do velcro, so I'm just going to make them without and keep using them with Snappis for now. I'd seen other directions on how to do it at diapersewing.com, but I am too chicken to cut up any of my prefolds yet. Then I saw this way to do them, but it still seemed too simplistic to me for some reason. Finally one of the newbie CDers on the Yahoo group BTLdiapering shared her way of doing them (also doesn't require cutting like the 2nd option) and I think this one or some variation of the theme will be what I'll go with.

Well, I'm done and I decided to go with a mixture of the last two ways. Since Eli is not pooping in his diapers, I really don't need a super gusset like the 3rd way, but I also like the folded over front and elastic in the back of the 3rd one so ... here's what I came up with:

Here is the inside view of the diaper upside down. I left the middle part of the inside/front open so I can stuff an insert in there under the side flaps.

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