Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is the day! (I think, I hope)

I've been having contractions starting from about 4 yesterday afternoon (light ones then) to somewhat stronger ones in the evening and during the night. They've been averaging about 3 - 5 minutes apart lasting a minute or a little less. At around 3:30 I got up for something to eat and they didn't slow down any, but they aren't lasting quite as long. I'm SOOOO sleepy tho, thank goodness I got a bit of a nap yesterday afternoon. I'm using the dandy little Contraction Timer program for my palm to keep track of my contractions. Makes that part of tracking things so much easier! Still trying to let the midwife and hubby sleep as long as possible (of course in two different houses in two different parts of the state! Whew, just wanted to clear that up!). Can't decide if 7 hours is enough sleep for the midwife as she was planning to go to sleep at 10. Hmm. DH on the other hand didn't come to bed till after midnight so he'll need a little more time if I can manage it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ooooh baby baby

I'm still infanticipating... Things are good, I'm still able to get around just fine, I can get down on the floor no prob, up is a bit more of a challenge, but not bad. Still somehow managing to keep up with housework, taking care of the kids, Geo's homeschool, and my school. But I'm mighty ready for this baby to be here already! My ribs are hurting from the baby pressing against them, it's sometimes hard to get comfortable when I'm trying to sleep at night, and I've been fighting to get completely over a cold I caught a couple of weeks ago. The midwives say that the baby's head is still quite floaty and hasn't started dropping yet so it'll probably be another week or two. I was hoping I could somehow, through the powers of suggestion (and I've been suggesting very loudly) convince the baby to shave some time off of the 40 week duration thing, but apparently this baby has other ideas (want's to keep up with the Jonses of his/her brothers and sister, being fashionably late by a few days). But I know it won't be much longer now. Just have to somehow manage to stay patient and ignore any "What!? you're still pregnant?" comments which will invariably come my way in the next couple of weeks. I've already made it through the "Are you sure you're not having twins?" comments so this would just be gravy, lol.

My school progress

For awhile it was slow going because I let myself get bogged down in the grammar module (so many rules to try to remember!), but I finally got through all the reading, zipped through a computer module, and on to medical terminology. Then after that my pace picked up considerably and now I'm on module 9 (grammar was 3 btw) and having a blast. Every module now has sentence clips where I can practice listening to medical jargon and trying to type it. I am getting better and certain grammar rules which keep cropping up are getting nice and ingrained in my head through all the repetition. I almost feel like a detective sometimes, especially when I'm faced with an odd-sounding word that I can not find in my medical dictionary or in Google... Then I'm forced to get creative to try to figure out what else it could possibly be. It's fun. I had set a goal of one module a week, but I'm finding that I can get through at least 2 so that's nice. I know things will really slllloooowww down after the baby's born, but for now, to help keep my mind off of wishing he/she was here already, I have my school which is a whole lotta fun :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Get your ePatterns here!

Remember the graceful, flowing gowns from such movies as Sense and Sensibility, Titanic, and Emma? Well, they can be part of your wardrobe (if you know how to sew, if not learn!) thanks to a very cool website called (aptly enough) Sense and Sensibility. There are so many awesomely awesome patterns there for the most feminine and lovely dresses ever and I have long drooled over and dreamed of owning one of the Regency patterns for my own. Well, now it may be within my reach as Jennie (the owner) has added a new product branch to her site... ePatterns! And their price is very reasonable. Go check 'em out, drool over the many offerings and make out your Christmas wish list. I know I will :)