Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tooth Chart

I'll just keep track of Eli's teeth here so that my notes won't be all scattered about.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

More Eli Milestones

2nd tooth, top right 11/15/06

Turning around in a circle on the floor 11/20/06

Saying Mama 11/20/06

Perfecting the military crawl/almost crawling 11/24/06

Pocket Ballerina

A little girl from Gigi's Sabbath School class had a birthday last week and we went to her party at an inflatable jumping place. I didn't have anything to take for a gift so I started knitting some Little Dudes. The problem is that I forgot to bring hair color (I was making them in the car on the way to the party) so I couldn't finish them in time (also my older 2 have since played "I spy" with them and have forgotten where they hid them, grr). I told the mom I was sorry but that I was making something. So I came home and made a couple more little dudes, then started on a Pocket Ballerina. I had some trouble with some of the directions, they really need to be revamped (I totally went with different hair, loopy crochet hair), but got her finished last night at around 12:30. Yawn. I think she's cute, hope Alyana thinks so too :)

(closeup of face)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sleeping beauty and G1s Show and Tell

Daddy told Gigi to go clean in her room and things got really quiet. Here's why. I guess she was pretty tired because she didn't want to wake up when I went in there around 6. She's the type that will do just about anything but clean so I guess she chose the lesser of the two evils.
G1 came running up the steps this afternoon and very excitedly showed us the piece of bark that he found that looks like a glove. He took it with him to Sabbath School today to show the other kids. If he didn't I was going to take it with me to show my (Gigi & Eli's) class (lol).

I've got the Blu's ... finished!

The 2nd pic shows how I ended up doing the stitching. I did a dashed line, then when I got to the end, I turned around and filled in the blanks.

I had all the pocket and fly stitching done when I discovered that I had it all turned around. The back pockets were sewed on the front and the front pockets were sewed on the part of the jeans where I had added some short rows to add to the rise. So, snip-snip , I had to do it again. They are very soft (due to the 20% nylon content in the yarn) and kind of light-weight so not for night-time, but nice day-time longies. I think I'll make some more out of this yarn (actually I know I will), but I think I'll do Aubrey Doodlepants next time. I could still add some faux stitching if I feel like it to make them seem more jean-y. Pros about this pattern: attention to detail, looks very much like little jeans, Cons: no crotch gusset, no short rows (I didn't make enough either), no give in the seam stitching. All in all I'm glad I made them, I think they are really snazzy :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

1st Tooth

Eli's 1st tooth finally popped thru today (lower, right, central incisor) I have born the brunt of it's razor sharp newness too, much to my chagrin, but I'm hoping he'll get the message (not to bite me) super-quick and it won't last too long. He's also sitting up so well. Just last weekend he could only sit for maybe 1 minute unassisted without toppling over. Closer to this last weekend, he started sitting for longer periods of time and now he can sit for 10 minutes or longer, just playing by himself. He's also moving around a lot more, not crawling just yet, but he reaches for me more if I'm near enough to him. He also loves to stand. It won't be too long before he'll be pulling up on things and trying to crawl.

I just love it how babies learn how to do things so quickly and Eli is just constantly amazing me, but he has no idea just how amazing he really is. He doesn't have an overinflated sense of his own accomplishments. What a guy!