Friday, November 10, 2006

I've got the Blu's ... finished!

The 2nd pic shows how I ended up doing the stitching. I did a dashed line, then when I got to the end, I turned around and filled in the blanks.

I had all the pocket and fly stitching done when I discovered that I had it all turned around. The back pockets were sewed on the front and the front pockets were sewed on the part of the jeans where I had added some short rows to add to the rise. So, snip-snip , I had to do it again. They are very soft (due to the 20% nylon content in the yarn) and kind of light-weight so not for night-time, but nice day-time longies. I think I'll make some more out of this yarn (actually I know I will), but I think I'll do Aubrey Doodlepants next time. I could still add some faux stitching if I feel like it to make them seem more jean-y. Pros about this pattern: attention to detail, looks very much like little jeans, Cons: no crotch gusset, no short rows (I didn't make enough either), no give in the seam stitching. All in all I'm glad I made them, I think they are really snazzy :)

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