Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pocket Ballerina

A little girl from Gigi's Sabbath School class had a birthday last week and we went to her party at an inflatable jumping place. I didn't have anything to take for a gift so I started knitting some Little Dudes. The problem is that I forgot to bring hair color (I was making them in the car on the way to the party) so I couldn't finish them in time (also my older 2 have since played "I spy" with them and have forgotten where they hid them, grr). I told the mom I was sorry but that I was making something. So I came home and made a couple more little dudes, then started on a Pocket Ballerina. I had some trouble with some of the directions, they really need to be revamped (I totally went with different hair, loopy crochet hair), but got her finished last night at around 12:30. Yawn. I think she's cute, hope Alyana thinks so too :)

(closeup of face)

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