Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My least favorite time

I told dh today that the first trimester is probably my least favorite part of pregnancy. I just feel awful most of the time, don't feel like doing anything, and this time it has started 3 weeks earlier than usual. Hope that means it'll be over with 3 weeks sooner (I hope, I hope!) I know it's a good thing, but I just don't enjoy it other than knowing that everything is fine and things are going as they should. Counting down the weeks till this is over and I start feeling better and feeling movement . Can't wait .

Saturday, September 10, 2005

There's a fine line between hunger and "ooohh, I don't feel so good."

I've felt pretty good all day, just tired, but now that evening starts to set in, I'm entering the evening-sickness zone. Ironically I usually feel ok in the morning, evenings are harder. So much for it being "morning" sickness. Whoever called it that didn't know that many women don't have it in the morning or don't just have it in the morning. Oh well, just one of the joys, I kinda feel comforted to be sick because I know the hormones are there and baby has a better chance of hanging in for the duration.

Hormones, oh my!

Last night dh's head accidentally came into contact with my nose... **smack!** --> **ouch!**

Well, today during prayer at church, dd's head clobbered me in the nose, "ouch, and ooooohhh, and..." and suddenly I'm crying. Why am I crying? I have no reason to be crying, this is ridiculous. I quickly grabbed ds so use as a decoy and headed for the restroom which of course was completely at the opposite end of the church from where we were sitting. G1 couldn't figure out why I was losing my composure. I wasn't sure myself. I dried my nose and eyes, then went to the drinking fountain for a cool drink, but I still looked terrible, red nose, red eyes, red face in general I think. So we headed out for a walk in nature. After a lesson in what poison ivy looks like (G1 still can't tell the different between that and an oak sprout with 3 leaves), and a look at the pond, I finally felt up to heading back. I know I was tired and I do sometimes get weepy when I get tired, I think it was a combination of my being tired, me being full of extra hormones, and the unfairness that I felt at being klonked in the nose 2 times in as many days. Now I think I'll go get me some beauty rest, my nose sure could use it .


Yikes, the thought of twins popped into my head last night when I was wondering why I was getting MS so early this time. I didn't get it till around 7 weeks each time with my last 2 pregnancies, but I started to feel a little as early as 4 weeks and it's pretty established in week 5 already. Twins run in DH's family. But, I really would like to take my babies one at a time; I really hope there's a reasonable twinless explanation for such early MS. Twins scare me because I'm sure I could handle more than one 2 yo at a time (lol), and also, not sure if it jeopardizes my chances of a homebirth which would really stink big-time!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Baby names

I remember looking through a baby names website when I was pregnant with G2, I can't remember the name of it, but I thought it was something like Name Nerds or something funny like that. I searched for it and found a site with a bunch of nerdy names to name your child, not what I had in mind. This other one had a place for people to rate the names and comment on them, names were separated by girl/pink and boy/blue. It was a great website, I'll be sad if I can't track it down again.

Voila, I have found it:

Meanwhile, here are some baby names websites that I will probably not be frequenting (well, you never know hehe):

Bad Baby Names

Trendy Baby Names Generator

The Showbiz Baby Name Generator

Thousands of names for your dog, cat, pet or child

Fantasy Name Generators

What to Name Your Baby Nerd

The Silliest Celebrity Baby Names

The Funny Name Site

Stupid Baby Names

Celebrith Baby Names

Random Renamer

Preggo Calendar

Here is my pregnancy calendar.

I like to keep track of just what's happening on a given day, kinda fun to see what baby's doing today.

Hehe, I just read that my baby is about the size of an apple seed with a heart the size of a poppy seed, love the food size analogies, lol.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Starting to feel twinges of morning sickness, not terrible, but just an unsettled feeling in my stomach. Fun fun.Guess I'll go to sleep, that oughta take care of it... for tonight :)

A little nervous

Not sure if I'm feeling 3rd child syndrome or what, but I will be holding my breath till I start to feel movements around 18 weeks. A friend of mine just had a miscarriage in her 11th week and I have had another 2 or 3 friends who have experienced miscarriages in the past year so I guess it kinda brings it home that it does happen sometimes. The best I can do is pray for this baby, trust in God, take my vitamins and try to stay as healthy and relaxed as possible.

I can't wait... tell the kids about this baby! I'm thinking I'll wait till Christmas unless I'm already starting to get noticeably round before then, they might catch on since they watch Baby Story with me a lot. Also, we were sorta thinking that they would be a good way of spilling the beans to the grandparents as I'm not sure they're going to be as excited about this whole thing as I am/we are. Not that we're not a little nervous about finances, but God will provide.

G1 is constantly talking to me about wanting another baby, me having babies in my tummy (he'd like twins I think, tho sometimes he says 10!!!), and Gigi, whenever she sees a baby, she says "my baby" so I know they'll be thrilled. Gigi'll be almost 3 when this one is born and G1 will be 5 so they should be a lot of help.

Visible Embryo

The Visible Embryo is a cool way to see how big baby is, right now my baby looks like a space alien, lol.

Baby Ticker

Here's a baby ticker that shows how big my baby is:

Got a call from the stork

I started getting a clue when AF didn't arrive on schedule. She was supposed to get here on Sunday or Monday at the latest. I use a little program on my Palm Pilot to track my BBT ( LMP) and it's pretty good, but AF usually comes a day earlier than it says she will. It said Monday, I was planning on Sunday. When Tuesday rolled around and no appearance, I started thinking, "hmmm, could I be....?"

DH was at work and wasn't going to be home till Friday and he didn't want me to take a test without him so it was a long wait. I really didn't need to take a test, I'm never late like that and I'm sure I felt a little queezy Wednesday morning. Could have been my imagination, but I have since felt little twinges, just a tad. Seems early for me, I usually start getting MS around 7 weeks. It's starting to get "ouchy" when I nurse my DD, always a good sign.

Friday morning I picked up a couple tests from Dollar Tree and as soon as DH was home Friday evening, I took the test. Here it is, tada: