Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hormones, oh my!

Last night dh's head accidentally came into contact with my nose... **smack!** --> **ouch!**

Well, today during prayer at church, dd's head clobbered me in the nose, "ouch, and ooooohhh, and..." and suddenly I'm crying. Why am I crying? I have no reason to be crying, this is ridiculous. I quickly grabbed ds so use as a decoy and headed for the restroom which of course was completely at the opposite end of the church from where we were sitting. G1 couldn't figure out why I was losing my composure. I wasn't sure myself. I dried my nose and eyes, then went to the drinking fountain for a cool drink, but I still looked terrible, red nose, red eyes, red face in general I think. So we headed out for a walk in nature. After a lesson in what poison ivy looks like (G1 still can't tell the different between that and an oak sprout with 3 leaves), and a look at the pond, I finally felt up to heading back. I know I was tired and I do sometimes get weepy when I get tired, I think it was a combination of my being tired, me being full of extra hormones, and the unfairness that I felt at being klonked in the nose 2 times in as many days. Now I think I'll go get me some beauty rest, my nose sure could use it .

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