Thursday, September 08, 2005

Baby names

I remember looking through a baby names website when I was pregnant with G2, I can't remember the name of it, but I thought it was something like Name Nerds or something funny like that. I searched for it and found a site with a bunch of nerdy names to name your child, not what I had in mind. This other one had a place for people to rate the names and comment on them, names were separated by girl/pink and boy/blue. It was a great website, I'll be sad if I can't track it down again.

Voila, I have found it:

Meanwhile, here are some baby names websites that I will probably not be frequenting (well, you never know hehe):

Bad Baby Names

Trendy Baby Names Generator

The Showbiz Baby Name Generator

Thousands of names for your dog, cat, pet or child

Fantasy Name Generators

What to Name Your Baby Nerd

The Silliest Celebrity Baby Names

The Funny Name Site

Stupid Baby Names

Celebrith Baby Names

Random Renamer

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