Monday, September 05, 2005

Got a call from the stork

I started getting a clue when AF didn't arrive on schedule. She was supposed to get here on Sunday or Monday at the latest. I use a little program on my Palm Pilot to track my BBT ( LMP) and it's pretty good, but AF usually comes a day earlier than it says she will. It said Monday, I was planning on Sunday. When Tuesday rolled around and no appearance, I started thinking, "hmmm, could I be....?"

DH was at work and wasn't going to be home till Friday and he didn't want me to take a test without him so it was a long wait. I really didn't need to take a test, I'm never late like that and I'm sure I felt a little queezy Wednesday morning. Could have been my imagination, but I have since felt little twinges, just a tad. Seems early for me, I usually start getting MS around 7 weeks. It's starting to get "ouchy" when I nurse my DD, always a good sign.

Friday morning I picked up a couple tests from Dollar Tree and as soon as DH was home Friday evening, I took the test. Here it is, tada:

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