Friday, November 14, 2008

My school progress

For awhile it was slow going because I let myself get bogged down in the grammar module (so many rules to try to remember!), but I finally got through all the reading, zipped through a computer module, and on to medical terminology. Then after that my pace picked up considerably and now I'm on module 9 (grammar was 3 btw) and having a blast. Every module now has sentence clips where I can practice listening to medical jargon and trying to type it. I am getting better and certain grammar rules which keep cropping up are getting nice and ingrained in my head through all the repetition. I almost feel like a detective sometimes, especially when I'm faced with an odd-sounding word that I can not find in my medical dictionary or in Google... Then I'm forced to get creative to try to figure out what else it could possibly be. It's fun. I had set a goal of one module a week, but I'm finding that I can get through at least 2 so that's nice. I know things will really slllloooowww down after the baby's born, but for now, to help keep my mind off of wishing he/she was here already, I have my school which is a whole lotta fun :)

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