Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cargo ... done.

Whew, finally... thought this day would never get here. But, I'm done with the pants. I think the legs are too long and I really don't like how the grafting came out, also not so sure about the short rows, but do you think I'm going to take them apart and do it over again? Not on your life. I think I might do this pattern again [or a variation on it anyway], but next time, I'll do it from the top down, no kitchnering (well, the gusset, but not the legs anyway) and it'll just be easier for me. I'll have to hand sew the cuff seams, but that really doesn't bother me. I'll probably do the waistband bigger next time too, I cast on 80, then increased to 100 in the first 2 rows after I closed the waistband and I think it made the waistband a little too snug and also I don't like the puckering. So I'll just cast on 100 (or whatever number gets me gauge) on smaller needles, then go up in size, rather than increasing stitches. I'll have to try the new dipe and the pants on Eli tomorrow and see if they fit.

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