Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kids' room

(Eli just urped over me big time...yuck!)

Well, something had to be done with the kids room, it was taking my life into my own hands just to go in there at night to check on them before I went to bed. Land mines everywhere, what our housekeeper (from when we lived in Africa '84-'90) called "bombs and missiles"... anyway, the kids and I got down to business yesterday. I had G1 crawl under Gigi's bed and push everything out from under it. Then I was on the outside, chucking things as quickly as I could, putting some things in the "toys" box and other things in the "dirty clothes" or "things that aren't clothes, trash or toys" box. We put all the stuffed animals on their beds. I got the trash out and the dirty clothes out. Then it was time to vacuum. The room looked much better at this point. Then I went and got a bunch of empty shoe boxes and we started sorting their toys into them. Cars into one, animals into another... Then last night I made up some labels for the boxes and their drawers... I hope I can remember to make them stick to it! I also put a box in their closet for them to put their dirty clothes in (instead of strewn all over their room).

These are the boxes under Gigi's bed now. I covered the labels with clear contact paper so that even if the boxes change, the labels won't have to. I used double-sided tape to attach them onto the boxes.

I also labeled G1's drawers so that hopefully he'll be better about putting his clothes away and knowing/remembering where everything is.

Gigi even got a place for her myriad of purses.


Johanna said...

Phew, what a lot of work, but SO worth it! Way to go!

Trudi said...

It was work, but it was (and always is) kinda rewarding to see things come together. To bring it from where it was to a decent looking space really feels good. I had to remind them to put things back a couple of times today, but at least they knew where everything was supposed to go.