Friday, October 20, 2006

Ok, now I'm done... really.

I ended up cutting off the old waist band and the next two rows where I made all the increases, put it back on circs and knitted up to the waistband, then hand stitched the last row down to the inside of the pants. I left a little hole where I could add the elastic. Now I just need to put them on Eli and see how tight the elastic needs to be.

Eli has been very vocal when he nurses over the last day or two. He makes growling, grunting noises, almost like he's trying to poop, but he doesn't. I'm wondering if he might be a little constipated or if he's reacting to the dairy in my diet. Last night we had what I feel to be successes. When I went to bed around 1 a.m., I went to change Eli's diaper and it was only slightly damp so I took and peed him in the shower which he did right away and without complaint. Then when he woke up again around 7 a.m. I checked it again and it was a little wetter, but still not soaked so I took him again and he went almost immediately and again without complaint. So that was very encouraging to me. I hope we can keep that up in the nights to come. That would be very nice. It would be awesome if he could get to the place where he could stay dry (with potty trips) all night.

Eli's getting really good about sitting on his little potty, his balance is getting much better. He is starting to grab things and reach out for things. He wants the phones, remotes, anything he shouldn't have, lol. He spits up a lot and I'm a little worried that he has acid reflux. He doesn't spit up much if at all at night time tho.

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