Thursday, October 26, 2006

Little jeans for my little guy

Well, I finally scored a sweater, the yarn of which will make terrific Blu jeans (maybe even 2 or 3 :). It's an American Eagle Outfitters sweater, a really nice blend of 80% wool, 20% nylon. I hope that much nylon won't be a problem. I don't plan for them to be nighttime longies so I think they will be fine. The resulting yarn is very soft, they will be so nice and comfy! The color is a dark blue with lighter blue/gray specks which gives it a nice denim appearance. I know it looks almost black here, but it's more of a blue in real life. Here are the pics of the sweater and then after it's reincarnation (at least till it's reincarnated into longies :).

This is as many balls of yarn that I was able to roll tonight. I have one more sleeve to go so probably 2 more balls.

Here is my improvised nostepinde (in my case a 18" length or so of 1/2"-3/4" PVC pipe). It actually worked really nicely and I think I was able to wrap more balls than I would have been able to otherwise. Also, I was able to wrap them flat on top and bottoms so they will stack nicely (for what it's worth, lol).

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