Thursday, October 05, 2006

First food

Up to this point, we've been waiting for signs of readiness before giving E "real" food (not that breastmilk isn't real) and I think today was it. Up to now we've just let him lick certain fruits (banana, pear, apples), but he never really got more than a taste. I had E on my lap while I was trying to eat my lunch (vegetarian chicken noodle/vegetable soup mostly made by G1 and cornbread fritters made by me) and every time I brought my spoon up to my mouth, E tried to grab my hand and corral it over to his mouth. So I mashed up a little banana (like one slice), added a little breastmilk and started feeding the hungry baby bird. He lasted a few bites before the novelty wore off, but at least he felt like he wasn't missing out on anything.

The fritters turned out ok, were very quick and I'll make them again if I need something to go with soup and don't have time to wait for muffins to bake. I threw together some a.p. flour, corn meal (didn't measure), salt (was closer to 1/4 tsp. but needed to have been 1/2 tsp. at least), 1 tsp. baking powder, some oat milk, oil (a ratio of about 3:1), 1 egg, mixed it all together, added some flour coz it was too thin, didn't want pancakes, and poured into an oil sprayed pan. We had them spread with a little jam and they weren't half bad.

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