Monday, October 09, 2006

Favorite/Useful Links

Here's a honkin' list of some of my favorite links or pages I visit frequently. I know that's probably pretty annoying for a post, but I can bookmark this post and have easy access to these sites. Pretty useful for me and maybe you'll find something you like too.

Computer stuff:
Color Scheme Generator 2
Color Blender
Zefrank Flower Generator - feed your creativity
Cool Effects:
Jonathan Yuen Graphic Design
Human Clock
Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas - my kids have fun with this one
Elastic Tightrope Girl - a fun time waster
Fluid Effect - Photo enhancement that'll knock your socks off
Cheat Sheet Roundup - cheat sheets for developers
Webpage Dev Best Practices - good stuff for me to try to remember
Forestasia Screen Resolution Preview
Seamless Tile Tutorial - make your own wallpaper/backgrounds
Leaves of Time - pretty pen & ink wallpaper & seamless tile tutorial
Photoshop Matte Painting - neat effect
The Web Developer's List
Resources For Web Design
Ohloh beta - Open Source
OSSwin project Open Source
Open Source Wiki
The X20 Dimension - Open Source
Open Source Windows

Florida Bird Flu
Chalk Drawings
Human Camera
Virtual Bubble Wrap
Dodecahedron calendar
The Cool Hunter
Web 2.0 computer parody
Strange and funny gadgets
Build Your Memory

Knitting Help - how I learned to knit Continental
Recycling Yarn - tons of great patterns
Marnie MacLean
Craft Ideas

Teacher Xpress
Hunkin's Home Experiments

Thrifty Living/Housekeeping:
$10 Grocery List
Thrifty Fun
The House Keeper's Compendium

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