Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cargo woes

I really want to love these pants, and the legs look great, but I haven't enjoyed them much since I switched to circs and started knitting the hips. I'm double stranding this section and now I'm thinking maybe I should have decreased a few stitches at first as it looks like the hips/bottom section is going to be too big. I don't know if I should frog back and do that or if I could just try shrinking the top part of the pants when I'm done... I just don't know. I'll have to take some pics of them. I'm really thinking that if I did these again, I might like to try knitting them from the top down. I know I'd have to hand stitch the leg hems, but that is the least of my concerns. Yup, I think I just decided it for myself, there's frogging in my future (grumble grumble). The pants legs are measuring at the medium size, but the hips are measuring extra large. Oh sad... I'll see what gauge I'm getting on my needles double stranding (just checked, it's 4.5 stitches / inch as opposed to 6/inch of single stranding... quite a difference!) and figure it out from there. I'd rather that than get them finished and end up hating them. I know this sounds almost certifiable, but I've actually had the crazy thought of doing the soaker part from the top down and then grafting the legs on. Would that work? I wonder...

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