Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Change in schedule, change in life

E decided a few weeks ago to start waking me up at 7:30 am instead of the usual 8:30. He doesn't want to nurse, but usually needs to go potty and just can't get back to sleep (or can't stay asleep). So one less hour of sleep a night for me. I really must condition myself to go to bed around 10-ish so I can handle the diminished sleep!

Our lives are about to take an interesting turn I think. We have been not even making enough money to qualify as subsistance living for the last few months. Before that (going back 3 years), we've been trying to get our Curves franchise up and running and living on credit/savings/stocks/retirement... till it started to make money. Well, it was starting to do that when Katrina hit. That put a dent in the economy and led to a mass Exodus of our members. Our club started losing money each month and made us bleed red ink at a faster rate. Now, we're at the end of the road. We have no money, are starting to sell anything that we might have with any value (anyone want a dining set, entertainment center, antique dresser & dressing table...?) just so we can eat and pay a few utility bills. We've given up paying our credit cards and our mortgage payments (the house is about to be foreclosed on). Our phone is off, we're behind on our auto insurance, our elec. bill is coming due in a few days and we don't have the $$ to pay it. I'm working part time from home doing data entry and that money would really help if we got to keep any of it, but it has to go into the club. DH stays busy from morning to night trying to make the club work and can't work a 2nd job into his schedule. There are several scenerios that might happen. One is that we'll get foreclosed on, but the foreclosure proceedings will take several months in which time we'll be forced to declare bankrupcy so DH can get out from under the Curves contract and get a regular (paying) job, 2) some friends of ours who run a motor home business might loan us a used motor home which would allow us to sell our house and avoid foreclosure, 3) we're still holding out for a miracle, 4) these same friends might be starting up their weight-loss bar production business in January and if they do, would offer DH a job which would probably lead to us moving up to upstate NY. We'll for sure have to sell off a bunch of stuff (fine by me) and whittle our stuff down to just the necessities. I'm cool with everything as long as we can still manage a place to live and don't ever have to go to a shelter. That I would like to avoid. I wish there was an easier way for DH to get out from under his Curves contract, but I don't think there is. In spite of it all we are at peace, we feel very thankful that we've gotten this far and that we are healthy. I know that no matter what happens, God will still be with us. It could be that He is sharpening us and strengthening us for a greater purpose. Anyhoo, I think I'll end my novel now before it ends up taking up the whole page.

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