Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Milestones / Braggy Mommy

Gigi (3 yo) has just started saying her Ls and I'm almost positive I heard some correct Rs come from her mouth. She also pretty much has the concept of rhyming. She sometimes mixes up rhyming with matching (as in she thinks that matching colors rhyme), and sometimes says things like "ice cream rhymes with 'i'" when she really means ice cream starts with 'I'. But she was coming up with rhyming words the other day and really grasped it I think.

A couple weeks ago G1 (5 yo) was complaining about the gums beyond his last left lower molar (say that 3x fast) so I took a look and discovered that his 6 year molar was peeking through. G1 is really doing great with his reading, surprises me a little more every day. We just got a freecycle piano the other day (I will never accept a full upright piano again, it about killed the guys who agreed to help move it, poor poor guys, "I'm SO sorry!!!") and G1 played a song on it today that he had never played before. He seems to be really good about picking up tunes by ear. I think he definitely has a talent for piano.

Eli is really in loooooove with Mommy and I'm in love with that! The other day I was peeling potatoes in the kitchen and DH asked me if I was looking at Eli. I said "no" then glanced up and saw Eli just looking at me and grinning at me over Daddy's shoulder. He's always ready with a quick and dimply smile and he's such a good baby. I can put him in his swing and he very aggreably lets me run a quick run of laundry or empty the dishwasher before picking him up again. He also goes to sleep without a fuss and doesn't nurse exorbitantly (not so that I get to feeling used up), yet he's quite the chunky little Budda, definitely thriving. He could quite possibly be the perfect baby. :o) Eli is quite the talker too, he's so funny when he's talking, gets very animated.

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