Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Doodlepants are Done

I finally finished the Doodlepants this last Saturday evening. I think they turned out quite nice. I wasn't sure how the acrylic would function, but I guess it did ok. I wouldn't use it for night, but for daytime, it was ok and they will be fine as pants with another cover underneath. Just need something to keep bub's little legs warm during the winter. I still need to add a drawstring. I think for the next ones I'll use smaller needles for the waist, then increase a few stitches for the hips. Also, I might make a taller waistband. I think I'm going to add some seed stitch at the bottoms since he's going to grow out of them pretty quickly if I don't. I smile at the short rows because they make me think of a sock puppet. I probably should have spread them out a little more (ya think?), but I kinda like 'em too :) I widened the crotch so that it would be more roomy.


Angel said...

Those came out great! How much did you widen the crotch section? I'm on the yahoogroup for the wool soakers. How old is your baby?

Trudi said...

I just kinda eyeballed it, I probably have 10-12 stitches at the widest part. I just went (increasing 1 on either side of the gusset, front and back) till each gusset half was about 1 1/2" long. So grafted together, it's about 3" front to back (not sure that makes any sense). My baby is 4 1/2 months old.