Monday, September 25, 2006

Me and my forgetfulness...

I was going to make bread last night so DH could have some to take to work with him this morning. I got as far as mixing the ingredients together, then forgot about it. Ugh. At least I hadn't added the yeast (I don't proof). So I went ahead and warmed it up this morning, added the yeast and finished making it. If I had added the yeast yesterday, it would have been a lost cause. As it is, the bread has little blobs of dried pre-dough here and there throughout, but most of it is edible. Just glad I didn't waste a whole batch, that's always painful.

E is definitely teething. He's getting much more animated in his movements, jerks around, he doens't stay content as long as he used to. I wish there was something I could do for him other than let him knaw on my fingers/shoulders, his sling, or his little chewy toys (or whatever else makes it in his mouth), but not sure what would help. I think they are almost thru so hopefully he'll feel better soon. I'm very pleased that he so far hasn't bit me while nursing. If/when he does, he'll just lose his oxygen supply for a startling second or two while his face gets smooshed into his food supply. Worked like a charm with G2, but I can hope that it won't come to that! :)

I've started the cargo pants from Knitty in black wool. I have one leg finished, now I have to see what I need to do next. I think I'm supposed to work the next leg (maybe put the stitches on holders or something unless I have the same size needles). The legs go so quickly which is nice. Hope to be ready for the body part of the longies this weekend. I'm using size 4 needles instead of 7s called for because my yarn is either DK weight or light worsted and I wanted the stitches to be nicely snug. I'm making the largest size, but it's coming out like the 2nd smallest size which should be just a smidge bigger than E which should hopefully tide him over till spring.

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Johanna said...

Those cargo pants are so cute! I made a pair ages ago, but never sewed down the top casing and put in the elastic! Good thing the baby still isn't here.