Monday, September 11, 2006

Beautiful laughter

I was holding Eli on my lap, helping him stand on my legs and holding on to his chubby arms while I gently rocked him back and forth in a glider at Church a couple of days ago when I bumped him in the face with my nose and he let out a rather uncoordinated laugh, but a laugh nonetheless. It's amazing how something that I've been thru 2 times before is still magical and exciting. Eli is also really trying to sit up. If we prop him in a sitting position, he fights to stay like that as long as he can before becoming the leaning tower of baby. He's now 17.5 pounds (yikes!). He weighs the same as my friend's baby who is about 8 months old. I don't think my last two were this weight till they were 8-10 months old either. This baby is just my super-chunk.

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