Monday, September 11, 2006

Germies be gone!

Well, after a very long phase of all of us being nice and healthy, G1 has broken the cycle. He was not feeling great yesterday morning, then when I came back from my sewing class in the afternoon, I found him on the floor, cuddled up under a blanket. DH said he had a fever. Poor guy, didn't feel like eating much, was rather listless and was ready for bed with no complaints at 7:00 (SO not like him!!). He woke up several times last night and wet the bed pretty good. Tonight during supper he couldn't get warm enough (this was after a nice warm bath) so he took another hot bath before going to bed. He couldn't get warm so I put about 3 blankets on him and told him he'd get warm and would probably get hot coz that's what fevers do. Well, the next time I went in to put DD to bed, he was out from under the covers and was hot. I told him not to throw the covers too far because he'd likely need them again as he'd probably feel cold again before too long. He didn't believe me, but I'm sure I'm probably right. He complained of a sore throat this evening, but so far no coughing or runny nose (I'm praying it doesn't go any further than this). Also, G2, E and I seem to be ok for the most part (meaning E seems to be a bit snuffy, but not too serious; I think he'll be saved by breastmilk).

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