Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Christmas in August

I went and picked up a box of "craft items" from a Freecycler and boy did I hit the jackpot. Well, I guess the yarn could have been wool and the circular kit could have been Denise Interchangeables or KnitPicks Options, but overall, I feel like I got a really great present.
Bummer it's not wool, but pretty colors, maybe I could knit some charity items. The white thing is a corner turner or some such thing.

Crochet hooks, circular knitting needles, thread, needles, dpns, a bunch of scissors, some embroidery floss.

Ribbon, lace, picture frame keychains, pliers, wire cutters, gathering tools, latch hook, funky scissors, sewing rulers, manicure kit (?), needle threader, strip of magnetic tape, 3 tweezers, a seam ripper, some embroidery floss, small container of pins, more dpns, crochet hooks, 2 or 3 look like ivory, one even has grain lines like maybe it is, not sure tho. The pic on the right is a closeup of the manicure kit. There was this glass thing in it, I had no idea what it was. That was until I found it broken on the floor (G1 sat on it). I tossed it and then noticed an old lady perfumy smell coming from my fingers. Ugh! A perfume sample from who knows how many years ago is not something I wanted on my hands and in my carpet. Oh well, now I know what it is, lol.
Misc. sewing supplies (ribbon, lace...), large yarn needle, bells, dpns, dpn end caps that look like mittens, stapler, Mary Englebright iron on transfer, some attachments for a Kenmore sewing machine, hot gun glue, metallic gold & silver thread, stitch holders

Circular needles, Boye Circular needle kit only missing 1 size one needle point, stitch holders, crochet hooks, needle case with needles inside, more needles in packaging, small whet stones, very large (curved tip) yarn needles (G1 was duly impressed!), buttons, knitting stitch counter (2). Not sure what this pink and white thing is. The pink part snaps out of the white part. Maybe something for making circular knitted or crocheted things? I just can't imagine. Also, the little ivory looking toothpick thingy next to it... I have no clue.

And here is a 100% wool DKNY sweater that I snagged from the thrift store. The wool is rather chunky and uneven looking with thick and thin bits. I hope it will work well for a soaker. It will be dyable so that will be fun.


Robyn said...

Hi Trudi,
The pink and white plastic thingy is for making pompons. The "toothpick thingy" is a stitch picker for a child's knitting toy, that makes knitted cording, which can be sewn together to make accessories, or is also called I-cord. The toy is a plastic or wooden tube, with four or more nails or molded (plastic) "fingers" on the top, which you wrap the yarn around, and around again, then start picking the stitches into the middle of the tube, pull the end of the yarn, and keep going. After a while, you have a knitted cording coming out the bottom of the tube. Yippee!!! Sorry, I just can't remember the name of the tube thingy :O(

Trudi said...

I always called them knitting spools (or maybe I called it spool knitting) because I heard about them being made from old wooden spools.