Monday, January 02, 2006

Pride and ... well, pride

Saturday was the last Sabbath of the quarter (from Oct to Dec) and these are always special Sabbaths with special programs put on by the children's classes. My son (G1) is in Kindergarten (ages 4-7) and they all have to say their memory verses from the whole last 3 months (one per week). His was Acts 10:34, "God does not show favoritism." Well, we practiced and practiced until he could say it perfectly, but I wasn't expecting anything because for the last 2 or 3 quarter-end Sabbaths, he's just stood there looking cute, but refusing to say anything. Well, this time, when it was his time, he belted out "God does not...." and I thought he might stop there, but he continued "show favoritism. Acts 10:34" The whole church laughed and applauded. I was afraid that all that attention might have frightened him back into his shell, but I think it had a positive effect on him, he seemed to be ok with it. Lots of people came up and told him how well he did and I'm hoping that from now on, we won't have anymore problems. To say I was proud is putting it mildly ?

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