Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ah, Kids

Last evening I was doing something in the living room or kitchen (don't remember), and I heard G2 scream a scream of pain and fear. I ran into the kids' room and found her holding her right eye. This is the same eye the G1 managed to hit hard enough (he said he hit her with his finger [?]) a few days before Christmas to give her a black eye. I pried her hands away and saw ... something whitish or beige-ish ... ? Huh? It had an odd smell that I couldn't place right away. My gaze then fell on my makeup bag that G1 had snuck into their room. So I rushed her to the bathroom and wet some TP and tried to wipe it off her eye. Some of it came off, but it was being very stubborn. So DH and I got her into the tub and kept rinsing her eye with warm water (she wasn't too happy!). I went back to investigate the scene of the crime and found most of my makeup (lipstick mostly) destroyed. I then found a bottle of fingernail polish (clear) with the lid off. I finally realized what the smell was...fingernail polish! When I did find the brush, it was covered in concealer (what he'd been trying to paint on her eye). I asked G1 why he did that and he said he was trying to cover up her black eye. He had seen me put a little cover-up on it a couple times (just trying to see if it would help her not look so pitiful) and I guess he was just trying to help. But, oh the mess. He had smeared my lipstick all over G2's back (got all over the inside of her shirt), on his bed sheets, in the bathroom sink (not sure how it got there), on one of our entry-way stairs (???), concealer was all over the headboard of his bed. What gets into kids I wonder? Her eye is fine, she actually calmed down shortly after getting in the bath. I'm sure the crying helped by creating tears to keep the bad stuff flowing out. Poor girl tho. I felt rather sorry for her.

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