Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Homebirth info

Since I'm so bloomin' passionate about educated choices and the empowerment of women, I'm going to post a whole slew of links to sites that have info that I have been gleaning from various places, probably mostly the Internet, that helped me make the decisions I've made in the past regarding birth, breastfeeding, and parenting. Hopefully they will help someone along the way. Please read and educate yourself, don't blindly take everything that the medical and/or mainstream community gives you.

My Birth Diatribe

Dangers of Epidurals

Birth Kit Essentials

Midwive Interview Questions

Personal Birth Affirmations

Morning Sickness Remedies

Is Labor Necessary?

Nutrition for Pregnancy

Natural Ways to Stimulate Labor

Dangers of Ultrasounds

Interview with Author Peggy O'Mara

Birth Story Links, Etc.

Homebirth is Safe

Homebirth Q&A

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