Monday, January 02, 2006

Now we're truckin'

It seems that my first four months of this pregnancy went by soooooo slowly, but now, suddenly, I'm at 5 months. How did that happen? I guess time flies when you're "having fun." While I wouldn't always categorize my dayly existence as fun, at least I'm feeling much much better now, and I'm feeling the baby move which is so fun and uber-cool. I'm still not at the "big as a whale" stage yet, but I am dealing with a stiff lower back just about every morning when I wake up. I can't lounge in bed anymore. Oh well, got things to do anyway, right? Since I haven't posted anything in a very long time, (at first it was due to just not feeling well at all! and then it was the rapid slide into Christmas that I got caught in) I'm going to try to piece together the things that I didn't post about this baby. I had m/s till around week 16 tho I still had some queeziness in the evenings till around 18 weeks. Sure glad that's over! I think I felt the first little kicks around 16 weeks, but then didn't feel much again (just a flutter or two), till around 18 weeks which really is more normal for me. It wasn't probably till around 19 or 20 weeks that I felt baby moving every day. An interesting note about the movement at 18 weeks is that with the last two, I just felt the flutters at 18 weeks, but with this one, I felt actual kicks. I can feel the baby kicking from the outside now and G1 has been able to feel it move, not sure about G2. That's been going on for a few weeks now. Pretty cool. Baby's already almost the length of my kids' Pooh Bears tho not nearly as chubby or as tubby. The kids are really getting into the idea of having a baby in Mommy's belly. They hug it and kiss it and talk and sing to it. They even fight over who gets to kiss (etc) the baby which isn't terribly nice.

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