Monday, January 02, 2006

A few of my favorite ... sayings

Here are some things that my kids say (or have said) that I don't want to forget so I'm going to write them down here.

G1: Spagarus (asparagus)

G1: DVDD (DVD, "Daddy, that's my favorite DVDD, can I watch that DVDD?")

G2: Bless-you (pronounced bweshoo, what she sometimes calls tissues, "Mommy, I got a bwessoo for my nose")

G1: Used to call a friend of ours named Nichole, "Miss Canole"

G1: "It's really raining out there, Mom, there's little tiny sprinklers in the sky."

G1: He has fallen in love with "The Sound of Music." Would watch it every day, multiple times, if we'd let him. He's memorizing lines too. Yesterday he said "Oh yes you are, Captain" (when the Captain is telling Maria that she is quite finished and that's she's to leave and he gets flustered and calls her Captain). Yesterday, for variety, we put in Mary Poppins and when Mary showed up he said, "hey, that's Maria, is that Maria?" And I had to try to explain actors and actresses to him. I told him that in this movie she was pretending to be Mary Poppins, but in the other movie she pretends to be Maria, but her real name is Julie. I'm sure that must have been a bit confusing!

G2: Flop-flops (for flip-flops)

G1: Last week (2/11/06) he came to me rubbing the bridge between his top lip and his nose and said "Mommy, my lipstache hurts."

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