Friday, January 20, 2006

"I want my precious-y"

G1 has started feeling the need for privacy, doesn't want his sister to watch him get dressed/undressed, doesn't want Mom or Dad in the bathroom with him when he's going potty... He'll say "I want my preshusee." Makes us chuckle.

I have started reading "A Little Princess" to the kids at night to help them get tired. I've hotsynced it to my Palm Pilot so I can read it in the dark while they lie in their beds and hopefully get sleepy. I know the language is mostly over their heads which I hope will aid in the sleepy factor. It has seemed to work the two times I've done it, tho both times were on a day they didn't get naps and the time was rather late, so the story may be highly coincidental, lol.

G2 is doing better with her potty training, I have implimented something similar to the chart at and the first day or two she really seemed motivated to be able to turn her potty circle over, but lately, she's just been going without the circle turning. She kept "big girl pants" dry all day today, and the one accident did have to be the whole shebang in her pants... gross. It's bad enough when she poops in pull-ups, but underwear is just not nice at all!! I did keep asking her this afternoon if she needed to go and she kept saying no. I should have just marched her in there a few times whether she needed to or not. Grrr, well, maybe this will teach me to be more vigilant, ... at least for the next few days till I forget, lol.

We went to the pregnancy place today which had the baby models and we got to see model babies from 6 weeks up to about 30 weeks. It was pretty cool. They let us hold the 26 week baby as I'm 24 1/2 and measured 26 cm fundal height at my last checkup so it is probably pretty close to the right size. The kids had fun holding it and Galena wanted to take off with the new baby doll. The 30 week baby was so tiny, a friend of mine had a baby at 29 1/2 weeks so he was probably close to that size when he was born. Yikes, seems mighty small! One of the gals who worked there told of a friend of hers who had a baby at 23 weeks...and the baby survived! and is a healthy 4 year old now. It's amazing what they can do with premies nowadays.

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