Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Camping and stuff

I couldn't take it anymore living so far away from DH so we loaded up his truck and our car on Monday and we "moved" up to the new house. We took what we absolutely needed, diapers, clothes, pots and pans, food... and we're setting up house. It's kinda fun :) I keep changing my mind about where I want to put things (ie in the kitchen). We've been cleaning almost non-stop too since we got here. The people who moved out were supposed to clean, but all they really did was make sure the visible surfaces were decent looking (countertops, sinks, ...) and vacuumed the carpet. We were hoping that they would shampoo the rather bedragled carpet, but they didn't so we got a rug doctor and did most of it ourselves on Tuesday. My mom did the kids' rooms and the living room (newer carpet and not as dirty), and DH and I did the bonus room (very dirty) and the family room (as dirty as the bonus or worse, lots of coffee stains). We worked as long as we could stand it (till 1 a.m.) and crashed. We didn't get around to doing our room or the hall, guess we'll have to use mom's carpet shampooer for that. But we got most of the house done anyway. We did such a deep cleaning in the two rooms we did that the carpet was still mighty wet this morning. Luckily God blessed us with a nice day and the kids did go outside a fair bit to play. Also DH sent over a fan from the club to help things dry out. That helped a lot and the family room is now almost dry and the bonus is on its way.

I didn't manage to pack a play pen for Eli so I am improvising by waiting till he's good and tired before I lay him down, then I leave the room so he can settle himself without me distracting him. Usually he's out in under a minute. But a couple of times today he did a little wandering. I put him down in one spot and then checked on him a few minutes later to find him sprawled out on our air mattress, sound asleep. Guess he wants to be close to us, even if we're not right there. Kinda sweet. I'll be glad to have his crib next week tho. Hey, I'll be happy to have a lot more next week, why stop at the crib? lol

My folks are coming down to our old house on Sunday and will help us load up a small moving truck, their van and Daniel's truck if he choses to drive it down. That way we can get our washer, dressers, beds, sewing table, possibly the love seat, kitchen table, desks and whatever other things we could really use before we get around to "the big move." The big move will be the one that hopefully our church will help us with. It will be whatever is left after the mini-move and this Sunday's move... the entertainment center, dining set, guestroom bed, couches, dryer, and all the rest of the junk in our basement (can we all say "yard sale!"?)

Gideon is getting one of his adult teeth in and he's mighty proud :) It's the bottom right front tooth. It's growing in behind (not under) the tooth above it so I hope that's not a problem. He's been so jealous of one of his friends who only just turned 5 and started loosing her baby teeth when she was still 4 so I know he's ready to join the croud. We must hurry and take our family pictures while his teeth are all still intact. Now if Eli would stop being so succeptible to gravity, stop losing his balance and toppling over when he's crawling... Poor kid, he's kinda like his brother in that regard, G1 was always clunking his head on something when he was learning how to crawl and walk.

I love my new kitchen. It's smaller than my old one, but it's laid out so much better, everything is right there and very convenient and there's actually more storage and counter space so I'm pretty pleased. It's cheery and warm and a lovely place for me to hang out during the day.

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