Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting caught up

Sometime between my last post and now, Geo grew his very first adult tooth, the bottom front right tooth. It's coming in behind his baby tooth which I thought was a little odd, but it's pushing the baby tooth right out and it'll be just a few more days before he'll have lost his tooth, but won't exactly be "toothless."

We've made 2 trips up to the new house with a small moving van and my folks' minivan so we have most of our stuff up here now. There's still some junk and stuff at the other house than we need to clear out, I'd just love to chuck it all, but I suppose there might be a few things we might need before throwing in the towel.

We're all just getting over two bouts with two different flus, one traditional one lasting about a week (DH being the only one to come out unscathed), followed by (for some of us) 2 weeks of gastrointestinal flu. My mom was supposed to come help me unpack this week, but now she's coming down with the GI bug so there goes that wonderful idea. Sigh.

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