Friday, January 12, 2007

Our impending move

The cat is finally out of the bag to our church family. We let the church board know on Wednesday to start looking for replacements for our positions (Men's Ministry Leader, Communications Director, Youth Song Leader and whatever else DH does, and Cradle Roll Leader [me]), and then sent out a post to everyone else on Thursday. There are still lots who will be surprised since we didn't have their email addys. The associate pastor's wife and kids came over on Wednesday afternoon to help me pack (or watch the kids so I could pack). They were able to stay quite a long time which was GREAT! I got all of my kids' clothes sorted (20+ large plastic totes full!), weeded out and ended up with 2 large & 2 smaller boxes to donate or sell and 2 large boxes to hand-down to the kids' girl cousin (just a little older than Eli). I'll probably end up keeping 5 or 6 boxes (maybe a couple more) of clothes that each of my kiddos is either currently in, or will grow into in the next few years. All of Gigi's too-small clothes will keep getting saved for her cousin so I won't have to keep them longer than a few months to a year at a time. I also got some books packed for our once and future yard sale and a couple more boxes of the kids' books that we'll keep.

On a different note, today was DH's birthday so I made fresh bread and rice pudding (a couple of his favorites) and the kids & I gave them the dress shirts and ties that I was able to get on an old gift card that I needed to use up. I totally got the wrong sizes so we'll have to go back and get the right ones, but at least he had something to open on his birthday :) I hope he had a nice day.

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