Thursday, March 02, 2006


I've been working with G1 on his grumpy and obstinate attitudes and at least in the short term, I'm seeing some improvement. What I do is, when he comes to me with a scrunched-up and miserable-looking face, I tell him he's wearing a really ugly attitude and he needs to change out of it into a cheerful attitude. If he needs help getting the ugly attitude off, I help him with the "buttons" which are just several places on his ribs which tickle ?. Then if that doesn't work, what I did yesterday that worked was to tell him that I was sure there was a happy, cheerful attitude in his room and that I wanted him to go there and look for it and stay in there till he found it and put it on. He did. So that's been a nice discovery. Hope it doesn't loose it's power anytime soon.

G2 is potty trained and only has a nighttime accident 2 or 3 times a week maybe. That is SO nice! Also saves on pullups and we don't have to empty the diaper pail every Monday. She's developed this annoying habit over time of screaming about everything. If she falls, she screams, if G1 takes something from her, she screams, if he says something to her that she doesn't like, she screams. It's really getting old and I don't like it at all. She gets in trouble every time she screams for some trivial reason, but she just doesn't seem to get it. I've told her that she's 1) supposed to ask nicely (if G1 takes something from her) and if that doesn't work to 2) come tell Mom or Dad. Hasn't worked so far, but hopefully it'll sink in before too long.

Did "table time" with the kids today right after breakfast. We learned G1's memory verse and talked about good manners. Then we read two Golden Books. I'd like to do table time every day.

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