Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So Far Behind

Well, the baby's here, my computer crashed, had to reformat twice, and ... excuses excuses. I'm baaaack. Baby E made his arrival on a cool and rainy (I'm struck by the irony of the page name) May morning, in our living room, in a fishy covered inflatable pool. I had possibly the best (albeit the longest) birth yet. My midwife and her apprentice attended and everything went flawlessly. Daddy caught the baby and big brother and sister watched with Grandma from the couch. I didn't have really long or hard contractions for the bulk of the time and things only started to get rough after my water broke, but then about 15 minutes later, E was born, all 9 pounds 1 ounce of him. Big baby! but thank God no tearing. He took to nursing just fine. I had to make myself latch him on properly tho, after the first night, as things were starting to get a little ouchy in that department. But all is well now, he latches himself on and even lets me sleep at night (well, a little more than the last two anyway). He was smiling within the first week of his life though the smiles were very fleeting. He was really smiling by 5 weeks (pretty normal I guess). I started out EC'ing him and he did great at the beginning. I am still trying, but sleep deprivation of late and his getting used to going in his diapers is playing a factor in our success or lack thereof. I want to get him a Baby Bjorn Little Potty as that would ease the strain of holding him while I wait to see if he needs to go. He's my first cloth diapered baby. I was way too intimidated and overwhelmed by all the choices to do it for the last two, but this time finances or the lack thereof, insist that I do. I've had great fun making diapers and wool soakers (so far only out of recycled sweaters). I started out with a bunch of fitted pocket and AIO diapers, but then decided that I liked plain old prefold diapers as well or better than the fancier diapers. I just learned about tie diapers so have made a few of those. We'll see how I like them to see if I want to make any more.

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