Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Allure of Empty Spaces

A terrible picture quality-wise, but it exemplifies my point. My bedroom, previously one of the most neglected rooms of the whole house, is now a magnet. (Not pictured is my 2nd son on my bed). Nina is doing school at her desk my dressing table and Eli is writing a story while lying on my bed. I even want to be in there now which is unusual. Time to tidy up my room is now down to mere minutes if not seconds.

Next up, pallet desks and chairs so my niƱa can sit at her own desk in her own room. (What’d’ya think?)

 Nina says she can make her own stool/chair, but just in case… I would probably make a padded seat and seat back if I were to make this. The desk is cooool though!

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