Monday, March 05, 2007

Diaper Trouble

I'm thinking it's a result of the messy diarrhea diapers from Eli's 2 flus, (sorry!), but this last batch of diapers that I washed came out smelling a little off. I ignored it thinking they would air out in the dryer, but the smell only intensified. It was so bad that the smell (somewhere between sweet and skunk) got lodged in my nose and didn't want to vacate for a long time. Needless to say I had to wash them again, but it still didn't get much better so I washed them with Sport Wash (2 caps full) and they smelled considerably better after that wash, but woe to me, they still were holding on to a tiny bit of smell after the 2nd dry so here we go again, I'm washing them yet again, this time with 3 caps full of Sport Wash, hoping that 3rd times a charm. This wash certainly hasn't been worth my while with all the water and electricity and detergent I've used.

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Jofrog said...

Yuck! We haven't had that problem yet with Kaya's diapers, but I did start to think that the diaper pail was smelling a bit more than usual so I started using baking soda in my cold rinse and vinegar in the next rince (after a hot wash). I'm sure you've tried that, and that the Sport Wash is much more intense. Good luck!