Saturday, January 06, 2018

The Washer Felt Left Out

Almost as soon as the dryer was working again, the washer decided that it was done spinning the clothes dry and went on strike. I did a quick search online to remind myself what might cause that and was reminded that it might be the drive coupler. I was hoping that would be the problem as it would be a relatively easy fix.

It wasn’t the drive coupler.

Then I thought maybe it was the clutch so I took a look at that and it did look a little worn so I ordered a new one. I thought I’d be back in business when it arrived, but no.

When I got it all back together, it was behaving strangly. The tub started rotating a little bit with each turn of the agitator during a wash cycle. That was different. Also, when it started to spin, I was able to stop the drum by just putting a little pressure on the tub (erm, don’t try this at home). I thought if I could stop it that easily, a load full of wet clothes wouldn’t spin out well. I asked the helpful folks over at and someone suggested that I might have put the inner ring of the clutch in upside down. So a little while ago I checked and, sure enough, it was in the wrong way. I flipped it around, reassembed the washer (no easy feat in my tiny laundry room) and did a test load of towels. Hooray! It’s running quieter and better now than it has in a long time and boy did it spin the towels out “dry.”


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