Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Printer keep going offline?

I was having trouble with my printer going offline and Windows troubleshooter didn’t know what to do about it. I did some super-sleuthing and discovered that the IP address that I had listed for my printer (in Devices and Printers) was not the IP address that my printer showed in its settings menus. Here’s how I (hopefully) fixed it:

Thanks to the advice from this post, I navigated to the TCP/IP settings screen under network setup on my HP LasaerJet printer. I set the IP address from “automatic” to “manual” and keyed in as the IP address as well as the default gateway.

I did have to uninstall/reinstall my printer since it was giving me an error message when I tried to update the IP address under the ports tab.

I’m finally back to work again and I’m expecting that I won’t have to fuss with it anymore. Whew! It’s goooood to have my printer back.

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