Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bible Memorization Tool

This particular tool is my favorite offline tool for scripture memorization. There are some great online ones such as iMemorize, but for memorizing at home (see Scripture Memory System), this works great.

I stumbled onto something similar in the past but forgot to bookmark it. This was mighty hard to find this time around so I wanted to post it so I don’t forget it again (and plus, you might find it useful).

Input whatever you want to learn, click “convert” and presto, a whole bunch of stuff that looks like gibberish, but really is just the first letter of every word which will hopefully be enough of a crutch to get you to the point where you can say your verse(s) without any help.


For instance, here is John 3:16

F G s l t w, t h g h o b S, t w b i h s n p, b h e l.

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