Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sick again?!?

I don't know what we did to deserve this, but we're all (minus DH so far) sick again. I think we might have gotten it from someone at the church social this last weekend since it was a pot-luck style meal and lots of kids were there, but I can't be sure. It started with sore throat which is now gone, now we all have sniffles, then tonight I had a twinge of a headache that I ignored (big mistake) which was joined with stomach upset. I tried to go lie down at 10 pm but the headache had gotten so bad at that point (can't remember a headache that bad ever, maybe because I'm really not prone to headaches) that I couldn't go to sleep. I took some Tylenol, DH made me some hot tea which I sipped, I put some frozen stuff (mixed veggies?) on my head and went to lie down again with a heating pad on my feet (one of DH's migraine tricks, draws the blood away from the head) and before too long the headache was gone. But then Eli woke up with a fever and has been restless ever since. I never did get to sleep and Eli hasn't slept a wink (that I know of) since then. He can't breath well and I know he doesn't feel well. He's been nursing almost non-stop since he woke up and I'm not getting any sleep. I finally decided that if he's not going to let me get some sleep, that I'd come in here and let him play while I bum around on the computer till he finally starts showing signs of sleepiness. Our bankruptcy hearing is tomorrow and DH is worried about having to drive and hoping he doesn't get sick from not enough sleep so I made a bed for myself and Eli in the living room. Hopefully that'll work!

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