Friday, December 15, 2006

Swirl Ball

I made this knit ball for Eli for Christmas and thought I'd include how I "followed" (ahem, changed) the directions:

I use two different colored needles of the same size so I know which side I’m on, I had a green needle in my left hand when I was on the right side when I made this ball. Much easier than trying to keep track of what row you’re on. I didn’t bother with markers once I got the hang of the pattern.

Right side noted with + and wrong side with –.

Instructions for One Section:

For first section Row 1: Loosely cast on 30 stitches, turn.

For remaining sections Row 1: Knit next 4 stitches thru short row turn loop

and loop of next stitch (to close gap from short row turn from previous row), k
6, k next 16 short row stitches as before, k 5 (–) , turn.

For this next section, once I got started, I just knit till I got to the SRS
and knew that was my last stitch, then made a SRT and started the next row.

Row 2: + k 10, do a short row turn (SRT; yarn forward, slip next stitch purlwise, yarn back, move stitch back to left needle purlwise, turn)

Row 3: k 6, SRT

Row 4: + k 6, k into short row stitch from previous row (SRS), SRT

Row 5: k 7, k SRS, SRT

Row 6: + k 8, k SRS, SRT

Row 7: k 9, k SRS, SRT

Row 8: + k 10, k SRS, SRT

Row 9: k 11, k SRS, SRT

Row 10: + k 12, k SRS, SRT

Row 11: k 14 (to end of row)

Row 12: + k 14, SRS, SRT

Row 13: k 9, SRT (6 stitches left on left hand/wrong side needle)

Row 14: k 9, SRS, SRT

Row 15: k 9, SRT (7 stitches)

Continue on like this, knitting up to and including the SRS, then performing an SRT on right sides, knitting to 2 stitches from previous SRS, then performing an SRT on the stitch just before the previous SRS, working your way across the row till there are 15 stitches on your right side needle (5 stitches after you’ve knit the 9+SRS for that row).

For this section, k to two stitches before the SRS from the row before, SRS, SRT, do this on the Right Sides and Wrong Sides.

Row 32: + k 15, SRT

Row 33: k 13, SRS, SRT

Row 34: + k 12, SRS, SRT

Row 35: k 11, SRS, SRT

Row 36: + k 10, SRS, SRT

Row 37: k 9, SRS, SRT

Row 38: + k 8, SRS, SRT

Row 39: k 7, SRS, SRT

Row 40: + k 6, SRS, SRT

Row 41: k 5, SRS, SRT

Row 42: + k 10 > turn.

Change colors.

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