Monday, February 06, 2006


I was wondering just when I would start to feel hiccups and then just the other day, I remarked to DH that this baby had really great rhythm coz it was kicking every second on the second (or so), very rhythmically. Well, after it happened a couple more times it dawned on me that it was really just hiccups. You'd think that after 2 other pregnancies, I'd be able to recognize hiccups.

I'm 27 weeks tomorrow! Coming along... last night I felt the first serious achy pains. I felt like I had done a huge workout the day before, all my joints were crying out and my back was really sore this morning. Wondering if it's about time to set up the air mattress?

I'm trying to get myself and this house organized well before the baby comes. I'm getting back into my FlyLady-esque daily routines and things are going better. My house is starting to shape up every so slowly. But hopefull it will be in enough time to have the house looking presentable when the baby (and the midwives...) come. The kitchen isn't too terrible, can't say the same for our bedroom, dining table (makeshift office), and guest room.I think it might be time for a room rescue or something like that so I'd better get off this computer.

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